Our village Alalapadu

Deep in the South of Suriname, in the Coeroenie resort, far in the southwest of the Surinamese district Sipaliwini, is the Indigenous village Alalapadu which is part of the Trio community. This village has around 140 inhabitants, divided into 23 households. The community lives in harmony with nature, and believes that if you take care of nature, nature will always take care of you.

The foundation

Tuhka Foundation for Sustainable Development Alalapadu was founded on 25 May, 2017 with the aim of increasing and promoting the well-being of the community in Alalapadu in Sipaliwini. The foundation wants to achieve this by using valuable natural products found in the Alalapadu area, including Tuhka nuts.

The foundation is officially established in Alalapadu in the Sipaliwini district of Suriname. Its branch office is located in Paramaribo at the Kromme Elleboogstraat # 20.


The main tasks of the foundation are:

  • Selling and distributing the Tuhka oil and Tuhka roasted nuts produced in Alalapadu
  • Preserving, expanding and restoration of the Tuhka nut trees in Alalapadu
  • Cooperating with organizations and bodies that directly or indirectly pursue the same or┬ásimilar purposes
  • Managing the income derived from the sales of Tuhka oil and Tuhka roasted nuts
  • Developing the village of Alalapadu

The board

The board consists of two representatives from Conservation International Suriname, one representative from the village authorities and two representatives from the villagers of Alalapadu. The people who currently sit on the board are:

Donkesi Raipin Jitashe

Janinipuung Morishi

Sabrina Cedrina Koepoeroe

Marita Kaiwade

Jakoni Kukani Pantodina

Adeseke Marosijape

Selindia Marelva Morishi

Tipane Apijeko Padoe

Pavarot Richi Nonowaike


Partnership with Green Growth Suriname Foundation
In 2020 and 2021, the Tuhka Alalapadu Foundation collaborated with the Green Growth Suriname Foundation (GGS) to set up a second product line under its Tuhka brand. The product line regarded roasted nuts for consumers. During the 10-month period, the existing factory was upgraded, drying and roasting machines were designed, the energy capacity (solar) was expanded, and a production process was designed. The community has received training in the preparation, production and finishing of the roasted nut product.
While the foundation’s work has been completed with the introduction of the new product line in June 2021, GGS is committed to continuing support to the Tuhka Alalapadu Foundation and its community.