Tuhka oil

Brazilnut oil is yet another one of the gems provided to us by Mother Nature. It is found in the lungs of our planet: the Amazon rainforest. Brazil nut – para noot in Dutch or tuhka in the Trio language – is primarily found in Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Suriname. Brazil nuts are an important source of energy and contain sufficient quantities of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. In fact, these nuts are a major source of energy for the indigenous peoples of this region. The nuts are renowned for their high nutritional value, especially the high selenium content. In addition, the oil has unique nutritional, cosmetic and therapeutic benefits.

Tuhka roasted nuts

The Tuhka nuts are collected in the Amazon rainforest. After the nuts have been dried, they are cracked open and finally roasted in the factory in Alalapadu. The Tuhka roasted nuts are momentarily available in the flavor unsalted. In the future, more flavors will be added.